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I have been a keen reader of fiction of all kinds for as long as I can remember, particularly that speculative genre known as Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF). Although I have considered it a couple of times in the past, I have not until relatively recently tried my hand at writing fiction.

It's been a slog. It's been fun. It's certainly amused my wife Tracey. On some occasions, I have taken to reading chapters to her in bed, which she claims she really enjoys but always seems to put her to sleep after only a few pages! Even so, Tracey has make many pertanent observations which have definitely improved the writing, and of course the act of reading aloud always helps to identify errors and inconsistencies.

My completed works of fiction (and some incomplete ones) can also be viewed or downloaded from

Findo Gask - Goblin Detective

Findo Gask - Dragon Sleuth: Book Cover Findo Gask - Gumshoe Glamours: Book Cover Findo Gask - Goblin Detective: Book Cover Most recently, I have been writing a series of fantasy hard-boiled detective novels, the first of which is entitled Findo Gask - Goblin Detective, and featuring the eponymous detective Findo Gask. The action is set in both our own world and the Lower Realms, the caverns of the Goblins.

I have now completed a draft of a sequel, called Findo Gask - Gumshoe Glamours. In this book, Findo Gask teams up with a human detective called Martin "Gumshoe" Gamshacks to investigate a mystery which spans both the human and Goblin worlds.

I have also started work on a second sequel, called Findo Gask - Dragon Sleuth. This time the story (which is still very much a work in progress) leads Findo Gask to return to the lowest of the Lower Realms, the desmesne of the Old Ones - beings which naive humans might mistake for dragons.

The title and most of the characters were inspired by a trip to Scotland a few years ago and, more recently, a second trip where Tracey and I explored (and photographed) some of the places whose names I borrowed for the characters.

Four Square Less One

Four Square Less One: Short Story Collection by Trevor Hopkins I came late to writing fiction, although it now seems as if I've had these ideas bubbling around inside me for ages. I've finally made a start at writing down my fantasy and science fiction stories.

Cover of Abaculus 2007 by Leucrotia Press My first collection of fifteen short stories is entitled Four Square Less One. I presented a printed copy of this to Tracey as one of her Christmas presents for 2008. An explanation of the cover art (and the linkage between the stories) can be found here.

My short story Itch has been published in the Abaculus 2007 anthology by Leucrota Press. Itch is the first story in the Four Square Less One collection. The Abaculus 2007 anthology is, even now, available from Amazon.

Ways of Falling book cover My story How to Impersonate a UFO appeared in an anthology called Ways of Falling by EarlyWorks Press.

Ways of Falling is available from EarlyWorks Press directly, or from Amazon books.

Lyndesfarne Bridge Series

New Bridge to Lyndesfarne Book Cover Bridge at War Book Cover Death on the New Bridge Book Cover Bridge of Stone and Magic Book Cover I have written a series of four books, all set in the magical world of Lyndesfarne. In Lyndesfarne, all but the simplest technology does not work, but a sophisticated society functions using pervasive magic.

A further introduction to the Lyndesfarne Bridge novels can be found here.

Murder Mystery Party

Childrens Murder Mystery Party Invitation Although it is not exactly a conventional work of fiction, you might be interested in the material Tracey and I produced for a children's Murder Mystery Party for Sebastian's 11th birthday.

All of this is free to use as you wish, although I would appreciate an acknowledgement if you do so. Please contact me by email.

I know that the materials have been downloaded and used many times, and there are some citations for you to view.

Other Short Fiction

Book cover: ...Then a Miracle Occurs I have now started a collection of my more recent short fiction under the title of ...Then a Miracle Occurs. This is also the title of one of the stories in the collection.

This includes a 500-word story called Hearts and Flowers that I presented to Tracey as a Valentine's Day present.

The collection also includes my story SMS on the social effects of pervasive phone phone technology.

More new works to follow.

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