A second and growing collection of original short stories by Trevor Hopkins, which will eventually be brought together under the title "...Then a Miracle Occurs". Some stories are as yet incomplete; others will be added later. Click on the links below to read the stories online, or to download as PDF or Postscript.

Airships over Africa Book Cover Airships over Africa
Four star rating
A Steampunk short story set in an alternate-universe version of the British Empire in East Africa.

Hearts and Flowers Book Cover Hearts and Flowers
Five star rating
Quite literally, a story of endless, timeless love set in the far distant future.

Lightning Bridge Book Cover Lightning Bridge
Four star rating
The construction of a new bridge using advanced materials leads to an unexpected clue about the aliens among us.

SMS Book Cover SMS
Three star rating
Explores the reasons why we get so many topical jokes delivered as text messages to our mobile phones.

A Short History of Magic Book Cover A Short History of Magic
Four star rating
A thesis presentation by an earnest student puts the future of the human species at risk.

Stone and Shadows Book Cover Stone and Shadows
Four star rating
Skeptical investigators tackle a haunted bridge in a little West Yorkshire market town.

The Cassandra Effect Book Cover The Cassandra Effect
Four star rating
A Steampunk short story set in an alternate-universe version of Victorian London.

The Curious Adventure of Damien D'Eath Book Cover The Curious Adventure of Damien D'Eath
Four star rating
An encounter with a mysterious stranger on a foggy night leads to revelations about an ancient family.

The Last Asteroid Book Cover The Last Asteroid
Five star rating
In the aftermath of a punishing interplanetary war, two men and one woman are feted as heros, although for very different reasons.

The Lottery Winner's Lair Book Cover The Lottery Winner's Lair
Four star rating
A lucky lottery winner builds himself a residence to be proud of.

The Pink Room Book Cover The Pink Room
Four star rating
Two young university students have a strange encounter in a locked room.

The Voyage of the Ice Clipper Book Cover The Voyage of the Ice Clipper
Four star rating
A fast ship leaves the Solar System so that its crew and passengers can escape from oppression. A sequel to The Last Asteroid.

Observatory Mount Book Cover Observatory Mount
Work in Progress
A remote mountain-top astronomical observatory is the setting for this Steampunk adventure. A sequel to Airships over Africa.

...Then a Miracle Occurs Book Cover ...Then a Miracle Occurs
Four star rating
A tale of a first encounter with an alien civilization, with a twist...

Time Out of Place Book Cover Time Out of Place
Work in Progress
An unexpected rescue - and an even more unexpected set of consequences. A sequel to The Voyage of the Ice Clipper.

The Steam Road Book Cover The Steam Road
Work in Progress
Investigating a unexpected death in Victorian London turns up a deeper mystery. Another sequel to Airships over Africa.

Hero of the Rebellion (2nd Class) Book Cover Hero of the Rebellion (2nd Class)
Work in Progress
Heros are usually remembered only by the winning side - but not always. Another sequel to The Voyage of the Ice Clipper.

Clockwork Cabaret Book Cover Clockwork Cabaret
Work in Progress
Strange events by a mechanical dance troupe leads to relevations about international politics. Another sequel to Airships over Africa.

Camera Obscura Book Cover Camera Obscura
Work in Progress
An accidental death in the Masai Mara leads to deeper mysteries.
Another sequel to Airships over Africa.

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Disclaimer: All stories and other content in these pages are works of fiction, and any similarity with real people, places or incidents is purely coincidental.

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