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This page is dedicated to my family: my wife Tracey and my son Sebastian.

I have also included material about my parents Derek and Mella.


Tracey looking happy My wife is Tracey Ann (note: 'e' in Tracey and not in Ann), often known as Tas. (I have other, private nicknames for her as well!) At the time of writing, we have been married for more than 15 years. This whole website is dedicated to my darling Tas.

Here's a image I particularly like, taken by Tracey on her own camera phone. Smiley Tassie! Lots more pictures of Tracey in the Photo Gallery.


Our son is Sebastian Marshall, although he very much prefers to be called 'Seb'.


My father, Derek Bryan. He's had a very interesting and varied life, as a military pilot, a civil airline pilot and latterly the proprietor of Inter Primos, a chauffeur-driven limousine service. He has quite a fund of tales and stories, not to mention jokes.

To Stroke A Cheetah Book Cover Derek has written and published a book, an autobigraphy, available from Amazon. Or, you can contact Derek directly by email to request a copy. His website can be found here.

My parents lived at Wivelsfield Hall for a great many years.


My mother is Pamella Dorothy ("Mella"). She's not someone comfortable with computers and the Internet, and so has no online prescence. Here's a couple of recent shots of my mother with my father and Sebastian.

There are a few more pictures of my mother here.

Sebastian's grandparents: Derek and Mella Sebastian's grandparents: Derek and Mella


We live in the village of Weir, not far from Bacup, in the hills of south east Lancashire, in an area known as the Rossendale Valley.

We moved to this area about 15 years ago. Prior to that, I had spent near 15 years living in various places in South Manchester.

A photo tour of our house and gardens can be found here.

Hopkins family home


I don't think we could really be described as "patrons of the arts", although we have a fair number of original works in our house.

In particular, we have a number of works of art by Julie Newdoll. Here's one of our favourites: Fountain of Youth, and indeed the very first one that we acquired. The orginal work (oil on canvas) is on display above the fireplace in our home bar. We also have Julie's work on display in the lounge and dining room.

You can find more information about Julie's work at the Brush with Science web site.

Fountain of Youth Julie Newdoll

Hopkins Family History

The surname Hopkins means 'Son of Young Robert', a direct translation of the old English version: Hobbe-kyn. The family motto is Inter Primos, which means 'Among the First'. The motto was used as the name for a limousine hire company my father ran for many years - Inter Primos Chauffeur Service.

Here's a picture of the family coat-of-arms - this crest has hung in various houses for many decades, including nearly twenty years in Wivelsfield Hall.

BLAZON: Sable on a chevron between three pistols or, as many roses gules.
CREST: A castle in flames proper.
Hopkins family crest coat of arms

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