Gallery 5: Trip to the Maldives 2006

Once again, we went to Kurumba island in the Maldives. The Maldives are a collection of about 1200 islands in the Indian ocean, nowhere more than 6 feet above sea level. The local planning laws demand that every hotel is build on a private island - one island, one hotel - and that there are no buildings taller than the palm trees (i.e. no more than two stories).

Kurumba is one of the oldest hotels in the Maldives, and one which we have been to several times before. Indeed, we've tried others, but we keep coming back. We like the fact that it is close to the airport, and therefore only a short boat trip away. We also like the size of the isalnd - not too big, so you can walk everywhere, and not too small, so that there's plenty to do. There's a good selection of restaurants, as well.

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The highlight of the trip was staying in one of the Pool Villas. This had a private (walled) garden, with day bed, decking, shower and pool. Here's a couple of shots of Tracey relaxing in the shade.

Tracey relaxing on the daybed Another view of Tracey relaxing

Sebastian has very fair skin (like his mother), and needs to keep out of the sun. But he really enjoyed the swimming, both in the pool and the sea. Note the decking and the waterfall that feeds the pool.

Sebastian relaxing on the daybed A view of the private pool

That outdoors shower was just too tempting. But I didn't realise that I was being photographed at the time! Still, it was a private pool...

One disadvantage of Kurumba is the breakwaters that they have constructed around the island, to minimise the effects of erosion. I doubt that they would be allowed to construct things like that these days. But, it does mean that deeper water, with lots and lots of fish, turtles, etc. is only a very short swim away (with a snorkel).

Trevor Hopkins naked showering Breakwaters around Kurumba

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