Gallery 19: Burj al-Arab, Dubai

Tracey, Sebastian and I spent a long weekend in December 2006 at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. It's on Jumeria Beach, just south from Dubai city.

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Tracey and I have been to the Burj Al-Arab before, but on this occasion we took Sebastian as well. He was just twelve (see images from his birthday party here), so counted as an adult; this trip was part of his birthday present.

The Burj Al-Arab hotel is just as luxurious - if slightly overpoweringly gold! - as it was on the last trip. But, there was very little signs of wear and tear, so it seems that they really are keeping on top of the building maintenance.

Water feature in the Burj Al-Arab Sebastian with the water feature

It was also just before Christmas, so part of the reason for the trip was to buy a few things. In the Gold Souk, Sebastian bought small items of jewelry for several different girlfriends - he is growing up quickly! We also bought him a gold signet ring.

In the Burjuman shopping mall, we got clothes (for me!), as well as the latest PlayStation 3 (not at that time available in the UK). And in the Mall of the Emirates, we bought new suitcases - so that we could get all our purchases home!

Sebastian was particularly keen on the dancing fountains in the shopping centre - especially the way the water jets went over the walkways!

Fountains in Burjman Shopping Centre Fountains in Burjman Shopping Centre

Since it was Sebastian's birthday (or at least shortly afterwards), the hotel very kindly made him a chocolate birthday cake - delicious, but very difficult to get through all of it!

There really is gold on practically everything in these hotel rooms!

Us in the hotel room at the Burj Sebastian and Tas in the hotel room

Dubai is an Islamic country, and here's a shot of a very impressive Mosque our taxi driver wanted us to take a look at. This was taken on the trip back from one of the shopping centres, when we took the old coast road, rather than the newer highway.

But, of course knowing where much of their clientele would be coming from, the Burj did display a range of Christmas decorations in typically modest style! Here's Sebastian with one of the Christmas trees.

Mosque in South Dubai Sebastian with a Christmas tree in the Burj

A couple of shots taken from the car returning us to the airport at the end of the trip. Note the rain - first rainfall in at least three years, and it happened when we were there!

The pictures also show a modern cable-stay bridge, and I have used these pictures to illustrate the idea I use in my novel New Bridge to Lyndesfarne.

Cable stay bridge in Dubai Rainy highway in Dubai

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