Time Out of Place Book Cover They say that we are all, every one of us, travellers in time, and that it is the old who are furthest from home.

But what happens when a group of young and ambitious people, individuals who have risked everything to escape from the oppressions and tyrannies of their world, find themselves effectively marooned, abandoned, and then - even worse - rescued several hundred years in their own future?

The Last Asteroid Book Cover The Voyage of the Ice Clipper Book Cover This story is a direct sequel to my previous story called The Voyage of the Ice Clipper and therefore a second sequel to the events in The Last Asteroid.

I'm rather taken with this series. It's already taken on something of a life of its own, and I'm beginning to suspect there are yet more stories to come. Indeed, I've already started sketching out at least two more.

The Cutter Yelcho The Yelcho was the ship which rescued Sir Ernest Shackleton's crew from the wreck of the Endurance.

There has been for many centuries a tradition of re-used the names of proud and heroic and successful ships; I feel sure this tradition will continue for many centuries yet.

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