Observatory Mount Book Cover The snow never melts on Mount Kilimanjaro, for all that it is sited in equatorial Africa. Its peaks are places rarely visited, although an enterprising member of the Royal Society in London has placed an astronomical observatory on Kibo summit, positioned high above the plains where the air is clear and thin.

Miss Elizabeth Robinson, a lady engaged in charitable works in British East Africa - and also a agent of one of Her Majesty's Government's more secretive organisations - makes a visit to Observatory Mount and discovers that the astronomers are not the only people interested in the location.

Airships over Africa Book Cover Cover of The Steam Road Clockwork Cabaret Book Cover This story is quite definitely a sequel to Airships over Africa and features many of the same characters and settings.

I am now working on another story in this series called The Steam Road and I have now started two more in the same sequence provisionally entitled Clockwork Cabaret and Camera Obscura.

Camera Obscura Book Cover Cover of The Cassandra Effect These stories are all set in what is probably the same universe as The Cassandra Effect.

Astonishingly, the building featured on the cover image (above) is actually a real astronomical observatory, although it is in Europe rather than Africa.

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