The Last Asteroid Book Cover Any war - even a war in space - has its winners and losers, its hidden strengths and concealed weaknesses, its heros and traitors. The difference with a war in space has to do with scale and dimensions: there are more unexpected directions to turn and places to hide than in a war constrained to the two-and-a-bit dimensions on the surface of a planet.

But not all of the dimensions of war have to do with time and space, and not all heros are the ones manning the spaceships...

The Voyage of the Ice Clipper Book Cover Time Out of Place Book Cover Hero of the Rebellion (2nd Class) Book Cover This little tale has a feel of a much longer and more elaborate story line behind it, a coherent future history in the making.

Indeed, I have already made a start in a new story called The Voyage of the Ice Clipper.

I am now working on two more tales in the same sequence entitled Time Out of Place and Hero of the Rebellion (2nd Class).

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