The Voyage of the Ice Clipper Book Cover The price of freedom: freedom from oppression, freedom to determine one's own future, freedom to associate with those who have similar dreams and aspirations to your own.

What would you give up to obtain those freedoms? And would you give up your own life in order to give others the gift of freedom?

The Last Asteroid Book Cover Time Out of Place Book Cover This story is a sort-of sequel to the events in The Last Asteroid. You may already have spotted this!

I have also started work on a sequel to this story, entitled Time Out of Place.

The name of the ship-cum-iceball in this story is not a coincidence!

Sir Earnest Shackleton's ship Endurance stuck in ice The Endurance was the name of the ship that became icelocked and eventually destroyed in Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated but ultimately heroic expedition to the South Pole.

Remarkably, despite the slow but ultimately complete destruction and eventual sinking of the Endurance itself, the entire crew were rescued safely months later.

This story has a different combination of ship and ice, but the parallels are interesting nonetheless.

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