Clockwork Cabaret Book Cover The late Victorian Age is a whirlwind of technological advances, especially those associated with clockwork calculating engines and the intricate machinery that they so often control. The Clockwork Cabaret is a prime example: an entirely automated dance troupe and accompanying orchestra powered by steam engines and programmed by Jacquard cards.

Miss Elizabeth Robinson, a lady engaged in charitable works in British East Africa - and also an agent of one of Her Majesty's Government's more secretive organisations - is by chance present at the opening night when death and disaster unexpectedly strike.

Airships over Africa Book Cover Observatory Mount Book Cover The Steam Road Book Cover This story is quite definitely a sequel to Airships over Africa and features the character of Miss Elizabeth Robinson, Investigator and agent of Her Britannic Majesty's Government.

I have three more stories in the same series under development. These are Observatory Mount, The Steam Road and Camera Obscura.

Camera Obscura Book Cover Cover of The Cassandra Effect These stories are all set in what is probably the same universe as The Cassandra Effect.

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