Cover of The Cassandra Effect A Victorian Professor of Computational Engines is introduced to another man, a gentleman who is a self-taught enthusiast in the same subject who makes wild and impossible claims about the capabilities of his own steam-powered, clockwork prediction machines.

Intrigued, the Professor investigates further, only to find that his own life - even his own fate - becomes unavoidably bound up in the machine's prediction of the future.

Cover of The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling The Steampunk genre is one I've long been fascinated by, ever since I first read the novel The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.

Red-headed woman in greek-style blue dress I thought it was about time I wrote a story on this model myself. I've borrowed some ideas from Gibson and Sterling's vision of an alternate-universe Victorian England, although the direction I've taken the story is somewhat different.

Cassandra is a figure from classical Greek mythology. Her beauty attracted the attention of Apollo, one of the Olympian Gods, and she was rewarded by the gift of prophesy. When she spurned him, Apollo cursed Cassandra so that nobody would ever believe her entirely-accurate predictions and therefore everyone remained doomed to the fate that she foretold.

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