Camera Obscura Book Cover The vast African plains of the Seregeti and the conjoined Masai Mara are homes to millions of beasts, some few of whom are the targets of big game hunters and ivory collectors.

The plains are widely regarded as a natural resource to be exploited and are therefore an important source of income for the British Empire still ruled by Her Majesty Queen Victoria. But in these complex imperial days, it seems there are those who would seek to deny the empire's access to these resources, whatever the cost.

Airships over Africa Book Cover Observatory Mount Book Cover This story is quite definitely a sequel to Airships over Africa and once again features the character of Miss Elizabeth Robinson, patron of the arts and numerous charities, and secret agent of Her Britannic Majesty's Government.

I have three more stories in the same series under development, in various states of completion. These are Observatory Mount, The Steam Road and Clockwork Cabaret.

The Steam Road Book Cover Clockwork Cabaret Book Cover Cover of The Cassandra Effect These stories are all set in what is probably the same universe as The Cassandra Effect.

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